Last Sunday was spent at Eddie’s. He tossed a party and invited quite a number of friends… I tried his guitar but didn’t know that there was a pro at the scene. I mean, that guy made me look like a fool. Not to mention his amazing vocal – hitting the high notes with ease, belting all the way to the female range… And by the way, he’s very fit too. He got the full package for a artist… I mean, man, I’m not gay, but this guy is totally and legitimately cool. A girl strummed the rhythm with a ukulele while he played the guitar, harmonizing the song with a harmonica when he’s not singing. A intimate and authentic performance. It was pure perfection.
11 PM, five of us decided to go for gigs at Esplanade or Clarke Quay, the MRT was quite empty considering it was CNY and the time we set off was quite late. 12 plus, as we reached the city, there were no gigs at Esplanade, but the city was unbelievably magnificent when it’s empty. A tranquil river, state-of-the-art architectures and stunningly-crafted skyscrapers under the dark sky, all brightly lit. An almost empty street level. A cool breath. Perfection. Clarke Quay had some good gigs going on, but the girl couldn’t go there as her parents disapproved… We ended up listening to the gigs a river apart. What did I learned after the night? This city has talents, and a good load of them. Some of them are just right next to you. I’ve met too much girls who can sing well, but not so much guys… The point is it’s hard for guys to be good singers… So when a guy can sing well on stage, you gotta appreciate the performance.
Today is Valentine’s day, let’s talk about that… Wait a second, that’s totally irrelevant to me so… Meeeeeeeeh.
People said they wanted to be single cause they’re afraid. Even I do. Relationship doesn’t affect your study. A bad one does. Being single doesn’t mean you’ll have more time to study. Another important person in your head doesn’t mess up your mind. Just don’t try to screw up before an important exams. That will really affect you, obviously.
Valentine’s day isn’t for confession. April fools is. And here’s an encouragement for all of you out there: There is 90% possibility that your crush doesn’t like you, and there’s another 99% possibility that he/she will ignore you after you confess.
Don’t take that seriously. Because if anyone does I’m going to suffer loneliness until death.
Some serious advises anyway:
“Happily ever after” was once written as “Happily until the end” due to the reality that the concept of death is too dark for a children novel. Nothing lasts.
Taylor Swift once said :”We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, get broken.” You get that.
Lust is the desire for their body, love is the desire for their soul. Be careful of who you fell in love with.

Think that you’re in love?
Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing? And is your voice caught within your chest?
It isn’t love, it’s like.
You can`t keep your eyes or hands off him/her?
It isn’t love, It’s lust.
Are you proud and eager to show him/her off?
It isn’t love, it’s luck.
Do you want them because you know he’s/she’s there?
It isn’t love, it’s loneliness.
Are you there just because its what everyone wants?
It isn’t love, it’s loyalty.
Are you willing to give all of your favorite things for his/her sake?
It isn’t love, it’s charity.
Are you there because he/she likes you?
It isn’t love, it’s in-confident.
Do you pardon his/her faults because you care about him/her?
It isn’t love, it’s friendship.
Do you tell him/her everyday they are the only one you think of?
It isn’t love, it’s a lie.
But do you except his/her faults because they’re a part of who you are? Do you see his/her true heart, and it touch your soul so deeply it hurts? Are you attracted to others, but stay with him/her faithfully without regret? Would you give him/her your heart, your life, your death and stay because a blinding in comprehensible mix of pain and elation pulls you close and holds you? Now that’s true love…


27 killed (20 children) in Connecticut shooting. Most people feel worse for dead children or babies. I feel worse for the adults. You can say I’m heartless, yeah, but just think of this: Would a baby/child or adult/teenager experience more pain during death? It’s theoretically the same physically, but mentally? A normal adult/teenager would die with family, love, friend and everything they understood through his/her life in the mind; a baby or a kid would think less. Most people pity dead kids over dead adults because they’ve just been brought to this world recently and not yet experience the beauty of this world. Forgive me for stating this shameless explanation, but because they’ve not experience enough epicness of this world, because they’ve not yet seen enough ugliness of our society and because they don’t understand enough about their life yet, they won’t die with so much in mind and die with so much left behind. Think about it, your love ones, what they mean to you, what you mean to them, the dreams you’re fighting for, the regrets you always wanted to cover up, the places you’ve always wanted to be, the joy when you are with others… They’ll all be gone when a life ends. The truth is that, we have everything to lose. I don’t think a kid or a baby would have that much to lose. Considering I am sitting here in front of my screen, kids in undeveloped nations are still suffering forced labor, hunger, child abuse, etc. Many people stop caring because we are used to the fact that third-world country children suffering and dying. If there’s a shootout in U.S daily, people would also eventually stop giving a shit. These 27 deaths caused so much grief over the world because it’s not what that happens everyday. When I turn on the TV and see news about people getting killed by explosives in the middle east I don’t feel shit because these sort of things happens almost everyday. (Or at least every week) When people saw reports of the shooting we felt horrified because we don’t get to see American kids getting shot by psychopaths everyday. Human life is weak. We are helpless against the nature or one another. Everything you did, everything you built up for the past 15-60 years can be ended by a simple incident. Many ordinary modern-society people like us die from car accidents, machine dysfunctions, drownings, deceases… everyday. It’s just bad luck, and shit happens, doesn’t it? R.I.P to those who died in the shooting and good luck to everyone else alive.

Holidays have officially started for me…

For the next month, it’s going to be pure loneliness…

It’s funny how we desire things we don’t have, but when we do, we don’t appreciate them. I miss school. Yes, that’s right, I miss school. It’s not that I’m a nerd or geek or whatsoever, it’s just that I miss the people in school, the lively atmosphere. I guess when school reopens I’ll hate it again, but hey, that’s how life works, right?

One thing puzzles me. Which is better, a catastrophic breakdown or a prolong suffering? Don’t bother to know why I ask. Just think about it. When you buy a smartphone, would you purchase the phone directly or would you purchase the monthly plan? When you get cancer or AIDS, would you kill yourself or suffer day by day until you get killed by the disease? When someone you don’t really like likes you, would you just break their heart ruthlessly or stay quiet and let their fantasy torture them day after day? When you like someone, would you confess and risk getting rejected or stay quiet and suffer quietly? Which one will leave the most regret?

Do you know the feeling of dreaming too much, wake up and feel nothing? It’s painful. This’s the truth: Dreams mess up with your mind; they make you have unrealistic expectations when you woke up the second day. It’s great when you’re in it, but when it’s all over, it’s excruciating pain. You see the person in reality, thinking of the dream, and that really hurts.

I’m a guy. Yes. I’m not a girl but neither am I a robot. Guys have to be stronger than ladies just because we have balls. Cut the chest open and it’s still a human heart. At the end of the day we must hide our emotions just to show that we’re guys. Yeah, we can do it, cause we have balls. We’re guys, and it’s gay to go on tumblr, it’s gay to watch teen movies, it’s gay to cry, it’s gay to act the way we want to and it’s gay to be ourselves. I’ve nothing against homosexual, but society, stop judging us cause we’re honest about who we are. Guys become assholes when you do this. Cause assholes are like the most manly guys on this planet. They’re badass, merciless, “gentlemen” and unbreakable, they’re manly.

Girls complain about guys a lot but they really have no idea what it’s like to be one. We have to work far harder than they do for any kind of attention from the opposite sex, and we arent allowed to be “hurt” because its weak. Just have to suck it up. It’s always you versus the world and the only way to protect yourself is to be an asshole. I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m just trying to say let’s just stop complaining about the opposite sex and respect each other.

Game is art. Some games have such great soundtracks that they get you deeply into the game. A game will never be perfect without a good soundtrack, a good soundtrack can make a awesome game. The point is the soundtrack, in my personal opinion, is very vital for a game or a movie to succeed.
It is highly recommended that you should experience these game before listening to the soundtracks. A music with a story is always more powerful than those without one.
*** – Touching ** – Epic * – Powerful
Touching = Emotional impact on me, Epic = Drives me very high, Powerful = Drives me high

Heavy Rain:
Interactive drama, a new genre of games Heavy Rain had created. This is epic thriller filled with emotional scenes. As the plot, it will definitely blow you away. However, this game will never have achieve such a huge success without its heart-tearing soundtrack.

– Before the Storm ***
– Ethan Mars’ Main Theme ***
– Last Breath***
– Painful Memories***
– Redemption***
– Madison Paige’s Main Theme***

Dawn of War:
My favorite Real-Time-Strategy series about my favorite fictional universe of all time. These soundtracks definitely match the high standard of the series. You are able to feel the might of the races through their themes, and the feeling is simply just hype.
 Sisters of Battle Theme**
Space Marines Theme**
– Chaos Theme**
– TAU Theme*
– Imperial Guard Theme*
– Orks Theme*
– Epic Themes, Volume. 3**
– Campaign Metamap Themes***

Dawn of War II
The sequel to my favorite RTS series. The soundtrack is also as great as it’s predecessor. These compositions focus on the power of the music, and thus, they are mostly powerful and mighty themes.
– Angels of Death**
– Ancient Rites**
– Khaine’s Wrath**
– For the Craftworld**
– To Battle Brothers**
– The Emperor’s Victory**

Assassin’s Creed 2
I really want to give some of the soundtracks a 4-star rating. This game has shown me how beautiful a game world can be. The entire game is so close to perfect, and the soundtrack is even better the game itself, in my personal opinion. You know what that means, right? The soundtrack is perfect.
– Earth***
– Venice Rooftops***
– Ezio’s Family***
– Home in Florence***
– Leonardo’s Inventions**
Pt 1 –
Pt 2 –

I like these two themes, and I don’t know why.
– Alex Theme*
– Main Menu*

Battlefield 1942
Somehow this theme happens to be a perfect parade theme.
– Main Theme**

Battlefield 3
The latest instalment of the Battlefield franchise, featuring some good electronic music.
– Main Theme*
– Solomon’s Theme**

Mass Effect 3
Great game, even better soundtrack.
– Leaving Earth**
– An End Once and For All** (Extended)
– I’m Proud of You*

Crysis 2
The soundtrack made this game.
– Epilogue**

Grand Theft Auto IV
This is a perfect game. By perfect I mean perfect. GTA IV definitely deserves its great soundtrack as it has perfectly reflected the both darkness and prosperity of Liberty City, as well as Niko’s desperate search for his American dream.
– Loading Theme***
– Menu Theme**

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
One of the first FPS I’ve ever played. MOH really focuses on the campaign and the developers have indeed put in a lot of effort trying to touch the player. This is my favorite WWII FPS. The soundtrack is good
– 3 Weeks Wonders***

The most popular game on planet earth now. Not more need to be said. The soundtrack is simple but perfect.
All Themes***

Nocturne Op.9, one of the best piano piece ever created. Peaceful, but passionate inside – Op.9 knows you better than yourself. Tender and smooth as silk, it calms you down and brings you into a open and beautiful land of eternal peace and happiness.

Prelude Op.28 No.4, a masterpiece of sadness and depression, with a light touch of despair. It perfectly reflects loneliness.

Nocturne Op.20 in C sharp minor, this magical piece brings back even the most distance memories.

Prelude Op.27 No.15, just like it’s name “Raindrop”, it is a refreshing melody with a depressive tone. To me, it is the most beautiful picture of raining ever done. Everytime I hear this beautiful melody, it starts raining, not literally of course.

Fantasie Impromptu Op.66, a rapid but peaceful current in the forest, a stroll along the river flowing through paradise. This is a splendid journey you will not want to miss.


Four Seasons, my favorite violin concertos, especially Summer and Winter. I just have to emphasize that it is the best sound you can play out of a violin. The best literally. These concertos bring me back to Italy during the Renaissance, the most magnificent European nation during that period of time in my personal opinion. The Four Seasons are so beautifully composed that they can perfectly illustrate some of the most glamorous architecture achievements in history. Listen to them, and tell me: Aren’t the view and the music just breath-taking?


Piano Quartet in A minor. A painful scar. An eruption from the inside. A confused soul. A beautiful tragedy. This is what Mahler’s Piano Quartet makes me feel.


1812 Overture, a very forceful, mighty symphony that will blow you away. (Finale)

Symphony No.5, the symphony played during the first formal concert I attended. The concert was an immersive experience and Symphony No.5 was played perfectly. But most importantly, it’s my first time listening to live performance. You know how the first times in life feels like, right? It’s magical. It’s unforgetable.


Piano Sonata No.14, also known as “Monlight Sonata”. Rumor has it that Beethoven dedicated this sonata to one of his student, which he was in love with. The widely-known movement 1 is quite a depressing movement, potraying of course, moonlight. It gives you the bitter feeling of watching the moonlight in a silent and lonely night, the bitter feeling of being friendzoned, Seriously. That student he love and dedicated this sonata to never had any relationship with him after all. So this movement is actually illustating the feeling of having a crush on someone but feeling hopeless about it. Movement 3 is a very sophisticated movement comparing to movement 1. It is passionate, fierce and furious, potraying the anger after despair, the fury after a hopeless dream.
Movement 1:
or (Guitar Version)
Movement 3:
or (Faster Version)

Bagatelle No. 25, Fur Elise, which means “For Elise”. Sad to say but Beethoven was also friendzoned by this student. So people, stop complaining of being friendzoned, have you ever been through what he had been through? A smooth and relaxing piece of bagatelle, with a harmony pace throughout, it is undoubt one of the finest romantic piece of piano solo.

Symphony No.5, movement 1, best known for the Duh Duh Duh Duh at the begining. If you google for “duh duh duh duh”, the 5th symphony will appear on the page, literally. Frankly speaking, this is what that comes into my mind when I know I’m in trouble. Listen to the anxiety, the tension between two notes, the overwhelming panic. It’s just like hearing fate knocking at you doors.

Symphony No.7, movement 2, a magical journey with an impressive plot, exhibited using a superb presentation. This is the immersive experience that will lure your heart.

(His music is simply luxury and pleasure for the audience. They are most enjoyable, as most of them are solely purposed to entertain the audience. I am unable to describe such music, not because they are not good enough, but because they are the best, but do not leave the audience with any feelings other than joy. After all, they are meant to entertain, not to express feelings.)

The Marriage of Figaro

Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Piano Concerto No. 21

Piano Sonata No.16

Symphony No. 40


The best review of the best movie ever made.

Adrian vs. the World

“People don’t realize this but loneliness, it’s underrated.” No, I didn’t write it. Yes, it’s from a movie. Doesn’t make it less true.

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore (500) Days of Summer. As a film, it transcends generations through its boldfaced honesty and reaches to the hopeless romantic in each of us. Tom, the hopeful hero of the story, is a character who we all can relate to. Just like him, we’re eventually drawn to the idea of true love at some point in our lives. But that’s through no fault of our own. We’d see it in movies, hear it play on the radio, and read about it in books. We’re exposed to it at such a young age that it becomes more of a goal than our own dreams, which is pretty much what happened to Tom. He’s the only enduring human trait throughout the…

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